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Traditional wedding day timelines cause coordination nightmares. We help you streamline your workflow to create, share, and manage feedback in minutes for all your wedding and event timelines. Create or customize our stunning timeline templates. Easily share your timeline with clients and vendors to get in-app feedback on each step. No back and forth emails, no confusion. 

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Digital Wedding Day Timelines for Photographers, Videographers & Planners

Everything you need to create professional wedding day timelines, all in one spot

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Simplified client feedback

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Create Digital Wedding Day Timelines in Minutes

Peek behind the veil to see how easy it is to use our beautiful event and wedding day templates. Customize, share, and collaborate with your clients in minutes. Weddings can be stressful. Timeline Pro creates a stress-free experience your clients will love.

Simplify Scheduling

Customize one of ours or create your own

Stunning Event & Wedding Templates

Add your branding to one of our wow-worthy timeline templates. We have stunning horizontal and vertical timelines to choose from. Add timeline events, add notes, create photography shot lists, or simply change color palettes. Each template can be modified to fit your flow. 

Simplify your creative workflow

Streamline Your Client Experience

Stop spending hours coordinating the perfect wedding day timeline or shot list for clients. Take back your time with Timeline Pro’s easy-to-use templates and feedback manager. Create, share, and collect feedback in minutes. No more back and forth emails. No more waiting to see when sunset is to finalize. Get it all at your fingertips.

Share with clients, vendors, or venues

Share Your Timeline

Get a shareable link to send your timeline to clients, vendors, or venues. Want to send just one section of the timeline? No problem! You can duplicate your event to create a vendors-only version to get feedback and collect contact information before committing it to the master timeline. Event planning just got a lot easier!

Digital Timelines Designed For

Wedding Photographers

Wedding Planners

Wedding Videographers

Event Planners

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Get professionally designed templates your clients will love.

Customizable Templates

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Plan the finer details, add contact information, or keep a shot list.

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Collect all your client and vendor feedback in one place.

Feedback Management

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