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How to Elevate Your Photography Client Experience

As wedding photographers, we are keenly aware of the importance of the big day. Our to-do list includes everything from client vision meetings to hours upon hours of photo editing. But there’s another essential piece to the job on which our true success hinges–the photography client experience. Creating a truly exceptional client experience can provide you with glowing testimonials, social media engagement, referrals, and much more. Here’s your guide to getting it right. 

photography client experience

Client experience to capture new photography clients

To create a high-quality photography client experience, every step of the process should be seamless. That means the process starts early on before the contract is even signed. 

Create an inquiry workflow to respond quickly

The inquiry workflow is the first step to capturing a new client and arguably the most important. This is when you get an inquiry and how you respond to it. If someone has made an inquiry it means they want to work with you, so keeping their attention at this moment is crucial. 

By optimizing the inquiry process, you are not only creating a positive photography client experience from the get-go but making your client onboarding process more efficient and productive. Creating a good inquiry workflow ensures that potential clients who are truly a good fit for your services (same taste, the right price, etc.) become actual clients. We use Honeybook to manage our clients and you can get a 20% OFF coupon code HERE.

First, you want to capture the lead’s information–name, phone number, email, and the wedding date. Next, you’ll want to reach out. In general, a beautiful templated email response is a good way to go. Make it visually spectacular by featuring some of the most beautiful work from your portfolio and providing simple instructions for the next steps. For example, you may want to insert a link to book an initial 15-min meeting using a calendar app like Calendly

The third step is simply to follow up. Your clients are busy planning a wedding! The initial email may be sitting in their inbox forgotten and a reminder to book this essential step of the wedding planning process may be needed. 

Communicate what to expect when working with you

A key aspect of a great photography client experience is clear communication. Clients who are planning a wedding have a lot to juggle. By providing them with clear expectations, you help smooth the process and remove any worries. Communicate to potential clients the steps of the process when working with you. Include any essential pre-wedding day meetings and timelines of when they can expect photos. This is the perfect time to mention any collaborators you work with including wedding planners or videographers. 

Get to know their wedding day vision

The best way to sign a new client and start them off with an exceptional client experience? Listen and let them feel understood! For many couples, the wedding is the event of their lives and they have a strong vision of how it should be. Allow them a space to communicate their vision and provide feedback that lets them trust you to be an essential part of making it happen. Depending on where the couple is in the planning process, this also may be the time to connect them to videographers or wedding planners you work with. 

Client experience before the wedding day

You’ve signed a client! Now the real work begins. The pre-wedding day preparations can be the trickiest part of the job when it comes to the photography client experience. At this stage, it’s essential to communicate clearly, have a defined outline of the process, and gracefully manage client expectations. 

Create workflows to automate business touchpoints

Automated workflows help you streamline client communication and lessen the amount of work required on your end. They eliminate confusion and save you time! The best way to do this is to create email templates for the touchpoints every client experiences. For example, an email describing the different options for an engagement photo shoot, reminder emails for scheduled meetings, and a detailed timeline of when to expect what. If you want to educate your clients and provide more information about certain aspects of the process, you can use an email to link to a more detailed blog post. You can also email your clients a list of referrals to other services like wedding planners and videographers to help them plan the other hairy details of their big day. 

Adding touchpoints to bring value to the photography client experience

An excellent client experience feels attentive, organized, and personal. Adding touchpoints to the pre-wedding day planning process will help your client trust you and feel at ease. Instead of the single email timeline with all the details, think of other ways to reach out to clients before the big day and check-in. This will help them to stay in communication with you and feel that they are in good hands. 

Share your wedding day timeline

The wedding day is going to be a mix of stress and bliss for most couples. Sharing the photography timeline can hopefully put them partially at ease so that they know what to expect and can look forward to having those memorable moments captured. 

Creating a stress-free wedding day photography client experience

Help keep the couple cool by maintaining a serene client experience on the wedding day. 

Essential communication only

On the wedding day, your client’s focus should be on one thing only – enjoying their big day! Make sure that you add to that experience of joy and not bog them down with unnecessary communication. Only communicate what is essential! Here are a few examples. 

  • An overview of the photography timeline for the day
  • What to bring to the shoot
  • Reminders about 30 minutes before any scheduled shoot (ie first look, family portraits)

Be prepared to adjust your timeline

A good client experience means being flexible on the wedding day. It’s likely that not everything will go exactly as planned and it’s important to go with the flow and offer solutions rather than add to any hiccups in the plan.

client wedding timeline feedback

Photography Client experience after the big day

The magic of wedding photography allows brides, grooms, and family and friends to relive the happiness of the wedding day. Getting a peek at those photos is very much looked forward to! This is the final part of the client experience and will make the most lasting impact. 

Sharing the wedding photo gallery

Let your clients know when the wedding photo gallery will be ready and be sure to deliver it on time! Many clients will be eagerly awaiting it. Make sure your email clearly communicates how to access the photos. If you provide printing services or collaborate with providers, be sure to include that information as well. 

photography gallery

Give tips to share their gallery with family and friends

Most couples will want to share their photos with family and friends right away! Making this easy for them will increase client satisfaction and help you to get social media engagement, earning “likes” and even new clients!

Send a card to commemorate working together

A physical card is a beautiful touch to commemorate the special relationship you had, entrusted to capture their wedding day. A beautiful card may be added as a memento along with other wedding memorabilia, helping your brand to stand out each time they remember and share about their wedding.

Ask for a review

After you’ve curated an exceptional client experience, don’t forget to ask for a review. Client testimonials and reviews are a huge part of winning over new clients. They create credibility for your business to help you earn new clients and earn a good reputation in the wedding industry, making collaborators also want to work with you. 

Create a reminder to congratulate them on their 1-year anniversary

Another lovely automated step in the touchpoint process is a 1-year wedding anniversary reminder. This is an opportunity not only to bring your brand back into the front of their minds but also a potential opportunity for more business. Perhaps they never got around to ordering prints or have a friend who is getting married.

Happy client experiences build businesses 

Great client experiences create a great reputation. That brings you more business, earning you plenty of success! 

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