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The Ultimate Digital Wedding Photography Timeline

As a wedding photographer, it’s not news just how important it is to have the wedding photography timeline solidified and shared to make the big day run as smoothly as possible. But getting that perfect timeline ready is easier said than done. From the back and forth between the wedding couple and vendors, to create an easy-to-use timeline format for the big day, completing this essential step can easily become overwhelming. Timeline Pro, a wedding photography timeline app, is the recommended tool to ease the process. 

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Creating a digital wedding photography timeline

We created an app for wedding photographers that streamlines the process of creating wedding photography timelines. No more scheduling nightmares. No more miscommunication. No more emails back and forth. No more wrong-version timeline printouts. The Timeline Pro app allows you to create beautiful timelines that are easy to share and totally collaborative. Welcome to clear communication, efficient planning, and a newfound ease in wedding-day scheduling. 

What makes the Timeline Pro App so special?

The Timeline Pro App stands out from other wedding planning tools. It helps you create aesthetically gorgeous wedding photography timelines with very little effort. It provides timeline templates as well as allows you to create your own custom ones. Sharing your timeline with clients and vendors is incredibly simple and the app provides a communication channel for direct client feedback. You can easily access your shot list and keep track of your schedule with no more messy crumpled paper. 

What’s our favorite feature? Glad you asked. It’s got to be the sunset time tracker. 

Beautiful wedding photography timelines

In the photography business, it’s important to make everything beautiful. Even the smaller details like the wedding photography timeline should be aesthetically pleasing. The Timeline Pro App lets you create stunning timelines that add to your brand’s value. 

Timeline templates

While every wedding is unique, there are certain shots you simply won’t want to miss. Our app provides four tried and true timeline templates. Use these as a jumping-off point and customize from there. Each template can be easily modified to fit your client’s needs. 

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Custom timelines

Already have your timeline flow finetuned? The Timeline Pro App makes it easy to create fully customized timelines. Choose from a variety of pre-loaded popular steps to create a custom schedule or write out your own all the while benefiting from the clean and attractive design

provided by the app.  Plus the annual membership allows you to customize the colors of the timeline to stay on brand. 

Create your own template

Once you’ve become familiar with the app, you can lock in your perfect timeline template. No need to start over every time. Quickly send out your own branded template to clients to get the schedule set in no time.

Streamline client feedback

One of the biggest difficulties with traditional event and photography timelines is trying to manage back-and-forth communication with clients. Using the Timeline Pro App is a game changer. 

With Timeline Pro, you simply share a link to the timeline with clients and they can provide comments on any particular timeline event with the tap of a button. All comments are made in-app, allowing for a totally streamlined approach. You’ll be alerted with every comment, allowing you to respond quickly. 

Organize your shot list

Beyond the shareable wedding day timeline, the Timeline Pro App also allows you to quickly and easily create a shot list to help you organize your day. This too will be created in the app’s beautiful design, is easy to access on the wedding day, and can be shared with clients. On the wedding day, the app allows you to check off each shot as it’s captured so you won’t worry about missing a thing. 

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Tap into sunset times

When it comes to timing, there’s no more important hour than the golden hour. No more googling sunset times or worrying that you’ll miss that all-important shot. Sunset planning is embedded right into the app. 

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Keep track of your schedule

The Timeline Pro App offers special features to help keep you on schedule as the wedding day flows. Simply swipe to mark each step of the day complete. This satisfying feature ensures that you don’t miss any shots and keep clients satisfied by providing all promised photographs. 

Easily access your timeline on your phone – no more crumpled paper!

Sick of pinching your phone screen to squint at the wedding photography timeline? We were too. No more pinching and no more crumpled paper timelines to keep track of. The Timeline Pro App lets you easily access the timeline on your phone. The wedding day is stressful enough! Checking the schedule should be the least of your worries. 

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Timeline Pro helps you streamline your wedding photography business

Why is the wedding photography timeline so important? Most weddings are chaotic. There’s a crowd of excited people and important events that can’t be missed–ceremony, speeches, and first dance just to name a few. And there are only so many hours in the day. Even though you may be booked for an eight or ten-hour day, it is difficult to wrangle the wedding party to shoot locations and into position. The wedding day photography timeline is extremely valuable for exactly these reasons. 

Where there’s chaos, the structure of the timeline brings order. It gets everyone–wedding party, wedding planner, vendors–to the right place at the right time. It ensures you get the shots you planned and promised to the happy couple. Without a solid wedding photography timeline, a wedding day from the perspective of the photographer could easily turn into a day of herding cats and managing headaches. 

Making a timeline seems simple enough but it’s deceivingly complex. In the timeline lies every shot you want as well as every shot the couple requests. It must be arranged around all the events of the day, including the arrival times of all the wedding parties and other guests that need to be photographed. It often includes multiple locations and working with allusive elements like natural lighting. Even if you manage to get all of that arranged and onto a piece of paper, it then has to be approved by the wedding couple and is subject to change with every other minor or major adjustment to the wedding day schedule. Not so simple after all.

So yes, you could do it on your own. But, we recommend working smarter not harder.

The Timeline Pro App is a powerful tool that can have a significant impact on your wedding photography business. Beautiful timelines will boost your brand value. Clear communication will ease the planning process. A more streamlined day-of process will keep the big day flowing smoothly and your mind resting easy. 

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